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Holistic health - a balance of mind, body and spirit - is essential in order to feel and be at our best.  Happily there are many alterative health practices that really help keep things in balance and you can try these safely for yourself. 

Circumstances and events can throw a "curved ball" into our life, bringing mental and emotional challenges that prevent us from being ourselves.  Stress is another big part of life, and brings with it difficulties such as anxiety, guilt, mood swings, lack of sleep as well as physical illness. Sometimes past events continue to haunt us, and the shadows of the past prevent the ability to live happily in the present moment. 


In this section, I am going to provide a short introduction to a number of practices that I find really useful and recommend to clients, as well as being straight forward to try.  By trying them you can find what you like (or don't like!), read and research more about areas that you find particularly useful, find a professional therapist in that area of healing should you need deeper help.  All of these holistic therapies work alongside any medical help and support you may also choose.


  • fear & uncertainty

  • despondency or despair

  • loneliness

  • over-sensitive to influences or ideas

  • over-care for the welfare of others


  • improves sleep

  • reduces stress

  • aids healing

  • help our biggest organ (the skin) function well


  • de-stress

  • when feeling overwhelmed

  • insomnia

  • looking for insights into oneself

  • searching for life purpose


  • release of negative emotions

  • help facing fearful or anxious situations

  • when things feel very stuck


  • first aid 

  • help with bereavement & loss

  • help with colds & flu

  • anxiety & stress

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