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Welcome to the Yoga Shed

Inner Peace and Outer Strength


Feel the joy of physical, mental & emotional freedom and de-stress

It doesn't matter if you are old or young, if you are flexible or not.  The process of yoga isn't about gym fitness, weight or ability.  It is about learning more about ourselves, learning to accept and love ourselves, and find the physical and emotional balance to fulfil our lives to the absolute.


Because I work with small groups, the emphasis is on you and learning in ways that work for you, feel relaxed and are always joyful.

Find your ideal yoga class

Online yoga classes to help you stay home and stay safe.



1 hour weekly session

Either online or face to face in my cosy yoga studio. I will tailor sessions so the yoga works at your pace, and supports and teaches you.


Group Sessions

1 hour weekly session

Up to 6 people online, or a group of 3 in my yoga studio.  Encouraging a friendly feel, yoga following weekly themes, chakras and relaxation.


Short Classes

Twice-weekly 30 minute sessions

Therapeutic yoga, especially tailored for body problems such as back pain, sciatica, stiff neck and more with gentle repeated movement.

Yoga Mat and Straps
Buddha Statue
Yoga at Home

Yoga for Bad Backs

Short twice weekly sessions, gentle postures and movements designed to ease, release & align the body

Group Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays 

Meditation & Yoga

One to One or group sessions, using yoga to align the mind & body so you feel relaxed & renewed

Group Classes

Tuesdays  & Wednesdays 

Personal Growth

Book a one to one, or join a group interested in looking into yoga philosophy alongside postures

Group Classes

Tuesday & Wednesdays

"There is a way of doing yoga poses without the slightest effort - the movement should be the song of the body, a release and joy, a feeling of freedom and creative discovery and not a "push" or exercise.  It benefits everyone, regardless of age or ability"

Vanda Scaravelli

Get in touch

From personalised one-to-one classes to group classes, find your perfect fit today. Yoga is for everyone.

Studio Address

21 Tavistock Road, Plymouth, PL5 3DG

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